14th Aug 2020

​7 tips for burning firewood at home

Burning firewood at homeLighting a fire in your wood burner and having it crackling away for hours can take a few goes to get it right.You also need to think about things such as using the right wood, …

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12th Aug 2020

​How to light a wood burner?

How to light a wood burnerYou have your new wood burner installed or maybe you've just bought a house that already has one - now you just need to light it.It might be worth reading our blog post on th …

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4th Aug 2020

How to Kiln Dry Firewood

How to Kiln Dry FirewoodYou have probably come across the term kiln dried firewood, lumber or timber (all are the same) before but you might not know what it actually involves.If you have a wood burne …

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11th Jun 2020

Logs for Sale Near Me

Logs for sale near meWe know there's been big demand around the country for a premium firewood supplier that can keep up with the needs of the 21st century consumer.  Buying a quality product, re …

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