Kiln Dried Logs in Nets

Ordering kiln dried logs in nets has one unique benefit to ordering a crate. Convenience! Nets are really easy to manoeuvre and store. This means from accepting delivery right through to placing your logs on the fire it's easy. Because of the neat stacking process you get considerably more logs than you would in a loosely filled 'tonne bag'. The nets contain the logs well and the mess is minimal, except sometimes when the nets make contact with a surface. We have one size of net which weighs approximately 9.5kg.

Where and how to store your logs
Your premium kiln dried logs in nets are delivered by lorry to your home. The nets are stacked upon a pallet and shrink wrapped to hold them all safely in one place. Your designated driver will lower the pallet via a tail lift on the lorry and then wheel them using a pallet trolly to your desired location. It's down to the drivers discretion where to put your pallet of nets but if you are available on the day of delivery you'll be able to communicate with them and hopefully store them somewhere mightily convenient for you. So, on to where and how to store your logs, here's a few suggestions from us.
#1 In a wood store
This is the most popular method among our customers. If you can get the driver to wheel your logs to as near to your log store as possible, this will save you time and energy moving them from A to B. If you need to transport them more than a few metres we recommend bundling the nets into a wheelbarrow.
#2 On the Pallet
Your kiln dried logs already come beautifully stacked within the nets, so if you don't need to move them and re-stack them then why bother!? The pallets are delivered to you shrink wrapped and covered with a plastic covering to keep them dry. If you can encourage the driver to wheel them into an inside space such as a garage this is ideal as it gives them extra protection from the wet outdoors, but using a tarpaulin will also keep them dry.
#3 In your house
Kiln dried logs can look beautiful when stored by a woodburner or fireplace. Many popular home and decor accounts highlight how they can be used as decorative features wonderfully enhancing the room. However, you will probably need a second place to store the majority of the logs due to the sheer volume that you'll receive. An understairs cupboard is a perfect hidden place to use!