Can I store kiln dried logs outside?

10th Aug 2021

Can I store kiln dried logs outside?

Can I store kiln dried logs outside?

Storing your kiln-dried logs isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

We often get asked where the best place to house your firewood is and whether or not you can keep them outside or if it is better to store them indoors.

Some people store them in any old place, which can pose problems when burning the logs later on. So, let’s look at keeping kiln-dried logs outdoors.

First of all - can you store kiln-dried logs outside?


Ideally, the best place to store firewood is indoors (for example, inside a garage or shed) with good airflow and ventilation. However, this isn’t always possible for a lot of people, especially if you don’t have a ton of space.

So, it is possible to store your kiln-dried logs outdoors, but it will take some thought in what you house them in.

Luckily we have some great advice if you do need to store your firewood outdoors.

How to store kiln-dried logs outdoors?

#1 Put them in a log store

This is the best option if you do need to store your kiln-dried logs outdoors.

A log store is specially designed to keep your logs dry and provide adequate airflow, as this will help prevent mould and fungus from forming. It has three slatted sides in addition to a slatted floor, and this promotes a high level of ventilation while ensuring that your logs won’t get damp by sitting on the ground.

You can even build one of these yourself from old pallets.

#2 How to stack firewood correctly

It isn’t just where you store your logs outdoors that is important; you also need to stack them correctly.

The best way to stack your logs outdoors is to put them in a single row with the end of the firewood facing outwards. This will produce good airflow and avoid stacking them to closely together as it can trap moisture. Using a crisscross pattern for your firewood is recommended, and this will also help with the stability of your woodpile.

#3 Bring the logs indoors before burning

Finally, if you are going to store your kiln-dried logs outdoors, make sure and bring them inside for a short period of time before you put them into your log burner.

Doing this means that you will bring down any moisture content that has built up when they have been sitting outside. Even if the logs feel completely dry (which they should if you have them in a log store), you should still let them sit inside for a while before burning.

Burning wood with high moisture content and hasn’t been seasoned, known as green wood, has many adverse effects.

Storing your kiln-dried logs outdoors

Even with our wet climate in the UK, you can still store your firewood outdoors. It just takes some thought in how you do it.

If you do need to store your kiln-dried logs outside, follow these simple steps:

  • Put them into a dedicated log store
  • Stack them correctly with good airflow
  • Bring the logs inside for a while before you burn them

Follow this advice, and your kiln-dried logs will be in the perfect condition for a long-lasting fire.