What you need to know about kiln dried logs

20th Aug 2021

What you need to know about kiln dried logs

Are Kiln Dried Logs Smokeless?

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk around only using clean fuel and moving to alternative fuels that are better for the environment.

We blogged previously about green wood and why you should avoid using it in your log burner - Green Wood - Why You Should Avoid It - and new legislation has been brought into England to prevent the sale of ‘wet wood’.

However, what about kiln-dried logs? Are they smokeless, and are they considered to be a source of clean energy?

Here at Logs Near Me, we have compiled some common questions around kiln-dried logs and their impact on the environment.

Are Kiln-dried logs smokeless?

Kiln-dried logs that have been properly treated have a very low moisture content. Low moisture content is deemed to be moisture below 20%, and all of our firewood at Logs Near Me is certified by Woodsure - the only wood fuel quality assurance scheme in the UK.

From an emissions perspective, kiln-dried logs are one of the best types of firewood to use in your log burner. While they aren't entirely smokeless, they give off very little smoke and are low in emissions.

Although, if you want to burn fuel with even lower moisture content, wood briquettes often have between 4-10% moisture.

Can I burn kiln-dried logs in smokeless zones?

If you live in a smoke controlled area, you need to burn firewood in a DEFRA-approved stove. The easiest way to find out if you live in a smoke-controlled zone is to contact your local council.

If you have bought a wood-burning stove in the past ten years, then the chances are that it is DEFRA-approved.You can burn kiln-dried logs that have been properly treated to reduce their moisture content in a smokeless zone as long as you use an approved log burner.

Can I use smokeless fuel in a traditional wood burner?

You shouldn’t burn other types of smokeless fuel in a traditional wood burner except for kiln-dried logs, kindling, and wood briquettes.

Burning other forms of smokeless fuels (such as Ecoal 50 a revolutionary smokeless fuel made from renewable materials) can damage your wood burning stove and your home. These types of smokeless fuels can be burned in a multi-fuel stove but not a traditional wood burner.

Are kiln dried logs environmentally friendly?

Lastly, we often get asked if burning kiln-dried logs is good for the environment.

All of the firewood that we sell at Logs Near Me including our range of ash and birch logs are sourced from sustained forests. You can check our our blog post - Are kiln dried logs environmentally friendly? - however some highlights are:

  • Wood is a classified as a renewable source of energy
  • Kiln dried logs often have a smaller distance to travel which reduces their overall carbon footprint
  • Modern wood burning stoves are much more efficient and eco-friendly
  • Our kiln-dried wood contains very low moisture content

While kiln-fried logs aren’t 100% smokeless, they aren’t necessarily bas for the environment. By using aDEFRA-approved stove and our range of Woodsure certified firewood, you can light up your log burner safe in the knowledge that it is as eco-friendly, low in emissions, and creates some fantastically cosy fires.