Ash Logs

Ash Kiln Dried Logs

Ash firewood is one of the best types of firewood you can burn. It has a high heat output, produces minimal smoke, good quality coals and has a nice subtle mild aroma. Ash burns for 5-6 hours and produces good coals, perfect for you to easily re-start a fire or adding more wood to the embers already burning. If you’re using the firewood in a log burner of fireplace within your own home, it's important to consider maintaining your chimney and preventing the build up of black tar, otherwise known as creosote. Ash has low sap levels and produces less creosote than a lot of other woods. In summary, Ash is a top pick if you regularly use your fire and want a long sustained quality burn. These logs are ready to burn and delivered free throughout England and Wales.

Ash Logs - Everything You Need to Know
For long lasting results from your open fire or wood burner, our ash logs for sale are exactly what you need.
Ash is a fantastic hardwood due to its many benefits such as its longevity when burning as well as its high heat output.
Ash Trees
Ash trees are found mainly across North America, Asia and Europe. There are actually around 65 different species of ash tree out there. One major concern is something known as ‘ash dieback’. It has been affecting a large number of trees in Europe since the 1990s and it is proving to be a real threat to its existence.
That being said, ash wood is used for a wide range of purposes and not just as a firewood. Due to its strength and durability, you’ll find ash being used for furniture, staircases and it is even found in the body of some electric guitars.
How Do Ash Logs Burn?
Ash is one of the best firewood’s to burn for a number of reasons. It is a hardwood so even when lit, it will burn for hours (ash logs can last for 5-6 hours at a time). It also produces good coals which means if your fire is dying out then you can simply add some more firewood to the embers to start it up again.

What you will also find with ash is that it produces a high heat output as well which is perfect for the cold winter months. There is minimal smoke with ash firewood too. 

For those of you who regularly use your wood burner or open fire at home, ash is the perfect choice. For more occasional users, birch logs may be more suitable as they burn faster and don’t last as long. 

One tip is to combine both birch and ash logs for a fire that will start quickly but burn for a long time.
Did You Know?
1. Some ash trees can grow up to 120 feet
2. Bruce Springsteen’s’ Telecaster guitar was made from ash
3. There are around 65 different species of ash
4. Ash trees are fast growing and can reach full size in 5 years
Buy Our Ash Logs for Sale
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We stock a variety of ash logs in different sizes to suit your needs. This includes nets right through to Monster Crates that weigh over a ton which will keep you going right through the winter months.

We also provide free delivery throughout England and Wales. Our kiln dried ash logs and all our firewood is certified Ready to Burn which means it has less than 20% moisture content and is low on emissions too.

If you want long lasting fires this winter with some quality ash logs, have a look at our collection below and keep your fire topped up this year.