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How To Find Affordable Logs Near Me

Logs Near Me specialises in providing high-quality firewood for customers across the UK. If you’ve been searching for “logs near me” on Google, you’ll find just what you need here on our website. We’re committed to offering the best products and services around to our customers.

Whether you’re planning to light up your fire pit with friends or are looking forward to a quiet evening with close family in front of a roaring fire, you want good quality wood at the best price. If you’ve been wondering “How I can get great logs for sale near me?”, these few steps will help answer your question.


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1. Look for stores that specialise in selling logs 

You may think it’s better to go straight to the source when buying wood for your fire or log burner, but that’s not always the ideal option. Purchasing from logging companies, tree services, or sawmills may mean that the wood you end up with has been very recently cut and therefore isn’t ready to use straight away. You may also find that you have to commit to buying more than you need because they operate a minimum purchase policy.


When you get your logs from stores like Logs Near Me, though, the logs are already kiln-dried and are ready for use anytime. There’s no waiting involved while the wood dries out - you can simply throw them on your fire and enjoy the natural heat that these logs can bring.


Another advantage is that we don’t ask you to buy more than you need – we have no minimum purchase policy, so you won’t need to stretch your budget and have the inconvenience of storing large amounts of wood that you’re not yet ready to use.


2. Check for log quality

The quality of the wood you buy will always affect the cost. If you opt for low-quality wood, you might find you have to buy more than you want because it burns too quickly or doesn’t give you the kind of fire you want. So don’t just search for any shop selling “fire logs near me” when you go online to check for places where to buy logs.


Always check on the declared moisture content of the wood you’re planning to buy. Wet firewood just doesn’t burn well and releases more smoke than dry wood without necessarily producing as much heat. Kiln-dried logs are far better option because they have a low moisture content and can release a far greater degree of heat. If you buy good quality in the first place, you’ll get better value from your purchase.


Quality logs are also more environmentally friendly. The heat they produce is considered to be renewable energy, and they’re also lower in emissions when burnt. And provided you’re using the logs on a wood-burning stove that’s been approved by DEFRA, you can ensure you’re minimising your carbon footprint as far as possible.


3. Verify delivery in your area

Delivery costs often add considerably to the total cost of your purchase. If you’re on a strict budget, then make sure you check how much you’ll be charged for having your logs delivered to your doorstep. At Logs Near Me, we offer free delivery across most of the UK, except for a few specific areas where delivery charges may apply. Free delivery where available can significantly cut down on the final bill.


We also make sure your logs arrive within two to three days of your order, so if you plan ahead, you can get great quality logs at low prices with all the convenience of home delivery.


Follow these three steps, and you can be sure you’re getting the best quality “log near me” at a great price.


Advantages of Using High-Quality Logs

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Here at Logs Near Me, we only supply kiln-dried firewood, which offers the best quality and value for money over all other options on the market.


While there are other places you can source logs from, including outlets like logging companies, tree services, and sawmills, there’s no guarantee that you’re getting a product that’s suitable for burning right away.


There are plenty of advantages to using high-quality logs, of which these are the most important:


Your fire lasts longer

When wood is cut and then dried in a kiln, most of the natural moisture within it is extracted. Moisture prohibits the production of a good, continuous fire. But once the majority of the moisture is removed, the wood will burn a lot longer than freshly cut wood.


These logs burn hotter

Moisture can also impact wood’s ability to produce heat as it burns. Because high-quality logs contain very little moisture, the heat that they release is more intense. You, therefore, need fewer logs to keep your home warm, saving you money in the long run.


They give off less smoke

Because kiln-dried logs have less moisture and have been properly treated, they don’t emit as much smoke as freshly cut wood does as it burns. This makes them ideal, not least if you live in a smoke-controlled area. Quality kiln-dried logs are the perfect partner for a DEFRA-approved stove.


They leave less carbon footprint

Woodsure-certified firewood produces fewer emissions. This means that it’s friendlier to the environment than some alternatives and does not generate a substantial carbon footprint. 


Though high-quality logs may cost a little more upfront, they will save you money over the longer term.


Buy High-Quality Logs From A Trusted Source

If you’re searching for “high-quality hard wood logs near me”, buying from a trusted source is always the best way to get value for your money. Logs Near Me is one of the most trusted names when it comes to supplying kiln dried logs to customers across the UK. That’s because we have a strong commitment to these three goals:


1. Sustainability and renewability.
2. Offering our customers exceptional value for money.
3. Supplying premium quality firewood.

Our team at Logs Near Me believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that the environment is not negatively impacted by our business. That’s why we stick to the most sustainable and renewable practices and ensure that our products live up to the same standards. We fully support and cooperate with the government’s measures in tackling air pollution around the UK.


Logs Near Me delivers value for money by carrying out in-depth research into best practices to ensure that all our products deliver optimal heat over a longer period of time. We don’t just sell logs to earn money; we sell quality firewood to satisfy our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.


We also make sure that only the best-quality firewood reaches your doorstep. We source our wood from mature trees and ensure that all wood is properly dried and treated before being offered for sale. 


Call us on 01225 690 059, and we’ll be more than happy to provide the answers to any of your questions. Our mission is to bring you the best firewood at the best prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do logs cost in the UK?

If you’re searching for “kiln dried logs near me”, the price you’ll pay depends on several factors. These include the moisture content, the total weight of the order, and the type of wood you opt for. Small bags are around £5-£10 each but do check out our online store for exact prices.

How can I get cheap logs?

The important thing when looking for “cheap firewood near me” is not to compromise on quality, or you could spend more in the long term. Check your local market or a sawmill but ensure you buy well-seasoned logs, or they’ll burn too fast without emitting sufficient heat. Alternatively, look for an affordable yet high-quality seller, like Logs Near Me.

Which Kiln Dried Logs Are The Best?

When searching online, look for “birch and ash wood near me”. These dense woods burn longer than others, making them ideal for household fireplaces.However, any type of kiln-dried log burns better than ordinary wood. This is because ordinary wood contains more moisture, which reduces the amount of heat it can produce.

What Wood Should You Not Burn?

Whether you’re searching for “briquettes near me” or “logs for firepits”, avoid burning any wood with “poison” in its name, such as poison sumac, poison ivy or oak. Wood from these trees emits irritant oils as they smoke when burned, which could cause health complications. 

How Much is a Tonne of Wood in the UK?

The price of wood in the United Kingdom depends on the species of the tree, where you live and who you buy from. Our birch and ash monster crates, which weigh 1,100 kilogrammes or approximately one tonne, cost around £450.

What is the best wood for a fire pit in the UK?

If having a longer burning time and better smoke flavour you are your priorities, try searching for “birch wood near me” or “ash near me”, as these are premium hardwoods. Many people love to add a little hickory wood to their fire pit once their food is almost cooked because this adds a smoky taste.

Do kiln dried logs smoke?

Yes, but they emit far less smoke while providing just the right amount of heat. Wet wood, on the other hand, can cause damage to your wood-burning stove, and it’s also much worse for the environment, as it emits far more smoke when burning.

Which firewood burns the longest?

Hardwoods such as ash and birch are great for producing a longer, hotter burn. When choosing “heat logs near me” online, wood from fruit trees is also a suitable alternative. Both wood types are cleaner to handle too because they have less pitch and sap than other wood varieties.

How can you tell if wood is kiln dried?

When searching for “fire logs near me”, the easiest way to check whether the wood is kiln-dried is to check the label. If the wood doesn’t have a label, ask the seller about moisture levels. Kiln-dried wood’s moisture content level is typically 10% or less, which is lower than most seasoned firewood.

What is the difference between seasoned logs and kiln dried logs?

Seasoned and kiln dried logs aren’t altogether different. Well-seasoned wood has moisture levels below 20%, or even 10%; but if it’s not properly seasoned, it will not be as good when burnt as kiln-dried wood. Often, poorly seasoned woods will leave a black stain on the inside of your stove’s window.

Great Reasons To Use Kiln Dried Firewood In Your Fire Pit

If you’re searching for the best “logs for fire pits near me”, there are many good reasons to use kiln-dried wood. 

Firstly, kiln-dried wood is ready for use in your firepit as soon as you receive it from your supplier. Because these logs have a very low moisture content, you can easily light them up and keep them burning without constantly tending your fire, especially if you are using hardwood. 


Burning kiln-dried firewood is also more efficient than alternatives: it gives off greater heat and emits less smoke. 

Lastly, the process of kiln-drying means you don’t have to worry about pests, fungus, and moulds infesting your wood.

Kiln-Dried Firewood: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for an efficient way to heat your home over the winter and have an open fireplace or wood-burning stove, look for suppliers of “kiln dried wood near me” online. Compared to seasoned wood, kiln-dried is the superior option. 

To produce kiln-dried firewood, manufacturers process the wood at high temperatures and in very low humidity to remove as much moisture as possible from the wood. Seasoned woods, on the other hand, are simply treated by leaving them outside to let natural sunlight and wind remove the moisture. 

The processes involved in kiln-drying wood makes the finished product burn with less smoke and ensures it produces more heat over longer periods. This is why, when searching for “logs near me”, it’s always best to choose kiln-dried options.

Reason Why Kiln Dried Is Better Than Air Dried

It’s a common misconception that air-dried logs are better than kiln-dried ones when it comes to working with wood. However, some experts differ in opinion. 


Both the air-drying and kiln-drying processes aim to remove as much moisture from the wood as possible. But kiln-drying tends to be far more effective, meaning you get far less moisture in the final product. 

But as with any type of firewood, the key is to find a reliable supplier of “hard wood logs near me” who can promise the highest levels of quality in its products.


With Logs Near Me, you can rest assured that you will get the best firewood around for all your heating needs. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online store and check out what we have in stock today!