Logs for Fire Pits

Enjoy the best UK supplier logs for fire pits, all of which will are kiln dried and ready to burn, perfect for your backyard fire pit, bbq, campfire or pizza oven! Our kiln dried logs have an incredibly low moisture content level, ensuring a clean burn and high heat output keeping you warm through spring and summer in your garden. 
What are the best logs for fire pits?
Just like if you were burning firewood on your log burner or wood burning stove, we recommend a premium hardwood like birch, ash and beech. Because of their density, these all offer exceptional burn with a high heat output. When kiln dried, logs give off very little smoke due to their low moisture content, so you won't walk away coughing and choking! If you're looking to add a little scent and flavour to your outdoor fire pit, you could try apple or hickory firewood, which both give off off a nice aroma. Avoid poorly seasoned wood. You won't get a good flame with wet wood or green wood so the closer you can get to smokeless fuel the better.