Green Wood - Why You Should Avoid It

11th Dec 2020

Green Wood - Why You Should Avoid It

Are kiln dried logs more expensive than green wood?

When you are trying to find logs to buy near me you’ll likely come across several types of firewood.

Kiln dried logs and seasoned firewood are two of the most common but you’ll probably find something called green wood too.

If you aren’t 100% sure what green wood is and how it compares to kiln dried logs, we have everything you need to know.

Let’s find out the pros and cons of each and if kiln dried logs are more expensive?

is green wood more expensive?

What is ‘green wood’?

Unlike logs that have been dried in a kiln, green wood is firewood that hasn’t been dried out or seasoned.

Green wood is generally wood that has been recently cut. This means that it will have a very high moisture content (compared to the 20% and below for kiln dried firewood).

While kiln dried logs will have been treated in a kiln and seasoned firewood will have been left to season for a number of months, green wood is still relatively ‘raw’ when it comes to using on your wood burner.

We should also note that the government has announced that unseasoned wood (green wood) is going to be phased out over the next few years in England. Sales are expected to be restricted from February 2021.

Pros and cons of green wood

In relation to the question of this blog - Are kiln dried logs more expensive than green wood? - the answer is that green wood is cheaper. This is because there isn’t a drying out process with it.

Green wood is often available in more types of wood than kind dried too.

That being said, the cons outweigh the pros of using kiln dried wood. It has a high moisture content so it isn’t ideal for burning and it has been linked to various health conditions too. It also has a negative impact on the environment.

It won’t produce a high heat and will release more creosote which will leave deposits in the flue. This can be potentially dangerous.

Pros and cons of kiln dried logs

Kiln dried logs on the other hand will produce a much higher heat output because much of the moisture has been removed. They release less emissions and are a cleaner type of wood to use.

There will be less choice in terms of the wood available in most cases however it offers a much better burn. Kiln dried logs - such as ash and birch - are also far better for your wood burner as well.

The downside will be that kiln dried wood will generally be more expensive. That being said, quality is definitely better than quantity in this case.

What should you choose?

So, when you search for logs to buy near me you’ll find that kiln dried firewood will be more expensive than green wood.

However, we always recommend using kiln dried wood in your wood burner. The fact that green wood and some other fuel is being phased out and will be banned in the next few years, further makes the case for kiln dried logs.

Not only is it safer as it will leave less deposits in your flue and is better for the environment and general health, it burns better too.

Spending a little bit more money on some high quality kiln dried firewood will make all the difference. You could go for the cheaper option but you’ll pay for it in the long run.