​How to season logs

7th Oct 2020

​How to season logs

How to season logs

Using high quality logs on your wood burner or open fire will make the world of difference how your fire burns. We recommend using kiln dried logs as these almost always have a lower moisture content which means they're better for your flue and better for the environment.

Low grade wood that isn’t ideal for burning will create a lot of smoke, deposit in your flue and it’ll extinguish pretty quickly too.

If you’re looking for seasoned logs for sale near me, you probably want to know a bit more about the process involved.

In this blog we’re going to have a look at seasoned logs, find out what the benefit is of using this type of wood for your fire and also how logs are seasoned for maximum efficiency.

What’s the benefit?

Buying seasoned hardwood has several benefits.

The process is designed to remove excess moisture from the wood. If the wood has a high moisture content then it won’t burn properly. It’ll also give off a lot of smoke and you will need to have your chimney swept regularly because of the deposits that are left behind.

By using seasoned logs you’ll get drier wood which will be easier to light and it will also produce a more consistent and long last flame too. If the logs are seasoned correctly - the ideal moisture content is below 20% - they will burn to a high temperature as well so the heat output will be very good.

How to season logs

#1 Cut the wood into smaller pieces

For the logs to season properly and for the moisture to be able to escape, they need to be cut down in size. Ideally they will be cut to around 6 inches as this is not only a good size for the seasoning process but it means they will also fit neatly in most wood burners.

#2 Stack the logs

Instead of just stacking them tightly on the ground, it is better to use a pallet or at least a base of different wood for the logs.

They shouldn’t be stacked too close together either and should be placed somewhere that they are exposed to the sun and wind. The sun will help remove the moisture while the wind will blow it away.

3# Season for 1-2 years

The seasoning process isn’t an overnight thing. Unlike kiln dried logs where the process is completed in a few days, seasoning can take up to a year or even two depending on the type of wood.

Much of this will depend on the climate as wetter climates will mean a longer seasoning time. However, in many cases you can start seasoning logs in the spring and they’ll be ready for that winter although some types of wood can take over a year to dry out properly.

Seasoned logs for sale near me

The seasoning process can seem arduous but it is a natural way to remove the moisture in firewood.

How long it takes will depend on how big the logs are, type of wood and also the climate however anywhere from 6 months to over a year is normal.

We have a range of kiln dried logs for sale that will create a high heat output and a long burn for your open fire or wood burner so have a look at our selection and get yourself ready for winter this year.