How to use log burner vents

2nd Sep 2020

How to use log burner vents

One of the main ways in which you can get the perfect fire going is learning how to use log burner vents.

Wood burners will always have vents which you can use to control the air flow to your fire.

Knowing how to use these vents properly has several benefits including:

  • Being able to light your wood burner easier
  • Having a hotter fire that lasts longer
  • Reduces the amount of wood you’ll need to use

So, let’s see how to use your log burner vents properly.

How to use log burner vents

how to use log burner vents

Getting your fire started

A common problem many people have if they’re new to lighting a fire is getting it started in the first place. Rather than just chucking on a load of wood, lighting a fire lighter and hoping for the best - using the vents can make this process a lot easier.

Fires need oxygen to get started.

You need to ensure that the air vents on your log burner are open fully when you light the fire so that the kindling catches properly and it will heat up the chamber too so it reaches a high temperature. Many people also leave the door slightly ajar in the beginning as well which adds to the air flow.

Reducing the air flow

You don’t need to keep the air vents open fully for the duration of your fire because this will cause all the wood to burn very quickly. Even if you are using kiln dried logs which can burn for a few hours, the high level of air getting into the fire will cause it to burn through in no time.

Once your fire catches and the kindling is burning, you can reduce the air flow into your wood burner by closing the vents slightly.

Make sure you don’t shut them off completely because it can stifle the fire and it might go out. This can take a few goes to get right so don’t worry if there is a bit of trial and error with this as and you can always open the vents up again to let more air in.

Opening the vents if your fire is dying out

If you do find that the fire is starting to die down, opening the vents on your log burner should get it going again.

A fire dying out is often due to a lack of air getting in or the wood hasn’t been stacked correctly so it isn’t burning evenly.

By adjusting the air vents if your fire is going out you should see the flames start to rise and you can get the fire burning for longer without having to add more wood.

Using log burner vents correctly

The chances are that you won’t get this right the first time you do it.

Learning how to open and close the vents on your log burner so that your fire catches at the start and continues to burn consistently for a while after can take a few goes to get right.

By following our tips for using your log burner vents you’ll have hot and long lasting fires going in no time at all.