Environmentally Friendly Fires

27th Nov 2020

Environmentally Friendly Fires

How to light an environmentally friendly fire in your log burner

Contrary to popular belief, log burners aren’t necessarily bad for the environment.

Even though they are more efficient than an open fire, many people still think that firing up your log burner isn’t eco-friendly.

It all comes down to how you use your log burner. Not operating it in the right way can be bad for the environment. However, we’re going to show you how to light an environmentally friendly fire in your log burner.

how to light an environmentally friendly fire

Use the right firewood

This is really the key part to eco-friendly fires.

When you are looking for firewood suppliers near me, check the wood that you are buying. All of our firewood at Logs Near Me is certified by Woodsure - the only wood fuel quality assurance scheme in the UK. This means that it has a moisture content below 20%.

If you have read our previous blog - Should Logs Crackle in a Fire? - you’ll know that crackling logs are a sign of high moisture content. This isn’t good for the environment or for the efficiency of your log burner. It means the wood hasn't been treated properly - either kiln dried or seasoned.

Make sure and use proper kiln dried logs like the ash and birch firewood we sell to make your log burner eco-friendly.

Keep your chimney maintained

Keeping your log burner and chimney maintained properly will also help with keeping your household on the right side of the environment.

Particles can build up in the chimney and flue even if you do only burn dry and clean firewood. This can release harmful toxins into the environment.

It is recommended that you have your chimney swept at least once a year. Also, have an annual inspection of your wood burning stove carried out too. This will keep it in top condition and help with overall efficiency.

Don’t throw in household rubbish

It can be easy to just start throwing in bits and pieces of rubbish that you have lying around the house when your log burning is blazing.

A lot of seemingly innocuous household rubbish can actually release toxins and other harmful fumes when burned. Only burn certified wood and other clean fuel in your log burner.

Resist the temptation to get rid of glossy paper and other household waste as it will have a damaging impact on the environment. It can also release toxic fumes into your home too.

Find firewood suppliers near me for environmentally friendly wood

The key to lighting an environmentally friendly fire is to use the right firewood.

All of our ash and birch logs are certified ‘Ready to Burn’ which means they have a very low moisture content. It is safe to put these in your log burner.

As long as you also have your log burner and chimney maintained at least once a year, the fires that you light should be eco-friendly.

Following this advice will make sure that your log burner is kept top condition but your impact on the environment is kept low too.