Barbecue with wood

29th Mar 2023

Barbecue with wood

Grilling with wood instead of charcoal has long since ceased to be an insider tip. Many people have now switched to oven-ready logs. Whether vegetables, meat or fish, with the right firewood all food can be perfectly prepared. A dignified atmosphere is also served, because enjoyment does not only go through the stomach, but begins with the sight of the dancing flames. To ensure that barbecuing with logs is a success, we give a few useful tips and clarify the frequently asked question of whether barbecuing with wood is even allowed in the garden. In addition, we want to give a small guide to grilling with wood and show how easy it can be, especially with kiln-dried firewood.

Can you grill with wood?

It is often asked: "Are you allowed to grill with wood in a residential area?" or even “Is grilling with wood harmful to health?”. We understand these concerns and can give the all-clear. Barbecuing with wood is generally permitted, provided that a few important points are observed. Barbecuing with wood is also not harmful if the right kind of firewood is chosen. It must be sufficiently dried and natural. According to the law, logs with more than 25% residual moisture may not be burned anyway. The fine dust pollution would be too high, which would impair health. Reputable specialist dealers therefore ensure that the water content of their firewood is no more than 18%. This ensures that as few pollutants as possible are produced during combustion.

Is grilling with wood allowed in the garden?

We will go into more detail on the question: “Can you grill with wood?”. If you want to barbecue on the go - i.e. not in your own garden - you have to stick to designated places. An open fire should not be lit just about anywhere. Where grilling with wood is prohibited, non-compliance can result in hefty fines. Things are different in your own garden. Nothing speaks against barbecuing with a wood fire as long as the necessary safety is observed. The neighbors should of course not be bothered by too much smoke. However, this does not happen with kiln-dried firewood anyway, since only damp wood produces ugly smoke.

Can you grill with wood in the residential area?

Anyone who has barbecues with real wood on their agenda and lives in a rented apartment may have to overcome certain hurdles. There is no general ban on barbecuing with wood in residential areas. But there could be clauses in the rental agreement or the house rules that make the plans more difficult. It is therefore important to read them carefully before grilling with firewood. 

Grilling with wood instead of charcoal

Yes, you can also grill with wood! It doesn't matter which grill is used. Grilling with wood in the kettle grill is also excellent. It replaces the coal and provides a delicate smoky aroma of meat and fish.

Is grilling with firewood harmful?

Grilling properly with wood means keeping pollution levels as low as possible. With kiln-dried firewood, which has a maximum of 18% residual moisture, the environment and health are taken into account. Of course, the firewood used must also be free of chemical substances that could otherwise be transferred to the food to be grilled during combustion.

What kind of wood can you grill with?

Many oven-ready types of wood are suitable for grilling. Above all, kiln-dried hardwood such as oak, ash, alder, birch, beech and hornbeam impresses with its high calorific value and even burning behavior. Would you like to grill suckling pig with wood? This works excellently with beech or hornbeam firewood. Fish also looks good over beech wood, but alder also leaves a wonderful note. It is therefore not possible to give a general answer as to which wood is best for grilling. Therefore, here is a small digression on the characteristic properties of the most popular types of firewood.

Kiln dried oak firewood

Kiln dried oak is a hardwood and due to its high density it burns slowly. Its embers also glow for a long time. It can therefore be used to achieve stable temperatures in the wood stove, which not only keeps the premises nice and warm. A delicious stew and a kettle of water for tea in the evening are quickly conjured up. And even the fresh bread in the baking compartment works better with oven-ready oak wood than in an electric oven. Oak wood is ideal for the grill.

Kiln dried birch wood

Birch wood is a great firewood, especially for lovers of open fireplaces. The stove-ready fuel with a maximum of 18% ensures a beautiful blue flame and fills the air with the delicate scent of birch. The calorific value of birch wood is not as high as that of ash or beech. But because of its other advantages, it is still very popular in many households. Of course, it is also suitable for heating with the tiled stove and for firing up the grill.

Kiln dried alder firewood

Oven-ready alder wood has a maximum of 18% residual moisture, which makes it even easier to ignite. It is therefore very popular for fanning the fireplace and tiled stove. But it is also popular for a quick fire in the evening or in between. If you need firewood for a short barbecue evening, you can also use alder wood.

Grilling with firewood - a guide

In order for grilling to be as easy as possible with only wood, you need a few utensils: good tinder, some kindling and firewood that is ready for the oven. Wood shavings soaked in wax work best as tinder. It is already ignited by sparks and sets the kindling on fire. This should consist of kiln-dried softwood such as fir or spruce. It quickly catches fire, the flames of which eventually spread to the firewood that is ready for the stove. Hardwoods in particular are well suited here, as they provide warmth for a long time. Choosing the right hardwood has a significant impact on how long it takes to grill with wood without adding more. A rule of thumb says: Two pieces of wood with a maximum of 18% residual moisture burn for about an hour.