5 reasons to stock up on winter supplies of firewood in the summer

21st Jul 2023

5 reasons to stock up on winter supplies of firewood in the summer

Summer is just around the corner and the firewood stocks in most households are more or less exhausted. What is left is mostly used for the grill or to prepare bread on a stick over a dignified campfire. Now at the latest it is time to start thinking about getting firewood for the coming winter. Because the further the cold days are still in the distance, the cheaper kiln-dried firewood is usually available. But there are other good reasons to buy the necessary supply of oven-ready firewood early. reveals the benefits of buying good firewood wisely.

Secure the best prices for oven-ready firewood The first point has already been mentioned: the prices for firewood usually rise slowly but steadily from September onwards. The same applies to other natural fuels such as kindling, pellets and briquettes. This circumstance is due to the simple fact that many consumers abandon their thoughts of the past winter completely when the first rays of sunshine set in, in order to enjoy spring to the fullest – who could blame them? And before you know it, summer has reached its peak, followed shortly after by September, with increased firewood prices just around the corner. So that wood stove owners do not have to pay extra you should act early and, if necessary, tie a knot in your handkerchief (a small note in your diary will also do). With a bit of luck, you might even get an extra bargain if a seller's warehouse is cleared for the new goods. Such wood is in no way less valuable if it is well-dried firewood with a maximum of 18% residual moisture!

Prevent firewood lulls Anyone who has been heating with kiln-dried firewood for a long time usually knows quite well how much of it they need for the next winter season and how much storage space the firewood takes up. Beginners, on the other hand, can sometimes find it difficult to estimate. Therefore, they are usually well advised to have a little more ready-to-fire firewood than not enough. Because what is left over after the heating period can be used for other purposes. The pizza oven can be put into operation with it just as well as the grill in the garden or a rustic fire bowl. Garden tables with fireplaces have also become very popular and can usually be fed with logs that are ready for use in the oven. Too much firewood is usually more of an advantage than a disadvantage. On the other hand, if you find out in the middle of winter Secure the best firewood and avoid bad purchases The sums that buyers spend unnecessarily on their firewood due to time pressure should not be insignificant. While some take their time checking the best offers to find the perfect price-performance ratio for themselves, others order at the last minute what can still be found in cheap offers at the beginning of September. This is not always high-quality firewood, so that little burning power is often offered for the seemingly low price. Wood stove owners who plan in good time can find the right firewood at a great price and don't have to worry about inferior quality. Relaxed into the winter time with kiln-dried firewood How nice it is not to have to worry about the necessary heat supplier before the onset of the first cold days! The neatly stacked, oven-ready firewood is already waiting to be burned in the fireplace or tiled stove. So the focus can be on other nice things like autumn walks, handicrafts, Christmas preparations and lots of cozy evenings by the fireplace. Family and friends will thank you!