Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Boxes 8kg


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Firewood Boxes & Kindling

These cardboard boxes are tightly packed full of premium kiln dried hardwood Birch. The neat stacking ensures the equivalent volume of approximately 8-10kg per box. If you burn occassionally through winter or need a small stock up, these boxes are ideal for you. Each order contains a quantity of kiln dried kindling nets to help you easily start the perfect fire.


  • Moisture Content: <18% 
  • Box Weight: 8-10kg
  • Log length: 23-25cm (fits 95% of stoves)
  • Log diametre: 6-15cm
  • Box volume: 19litre
  • Free UK delivery

Birch Firewood 

Birch, a hardwood akin to ash, stands out as an excellent choice for firewood, especially if your priority is achieving quick and intense heat. The unique qualities of birch make it a versatile and popular option for those seeking an efficient and pleasant burning experience.

One of the distinctive features of birch is its bark, which bears a striking resemblance to paper. This bark serves as an exceptional fire starter, as it readily ignites and helps kindle the flames efficiently. Beyond its practical benefits, birch bark also adds to the overall sensory experience by emitting a slightly sweet aroma, often described as delightful by most people.

The aesthetic appeal of birch extends beyond its functional qualities. The tree's silvery and flaky bark gives it a visually appealing aspect, making it an ideal choice if your firewood logs will be on display. The unique appearance of birch adds a touch of natural elegance to your fireplace or fire pit, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Choosing birch for your fires is particularly recommended when you desire occasional fires that provide rapid and intense heat. Its efficiency in producing high temperatures quickly makes it a favorite for those looking to warm up their spaces promptly. Birch logs also pair exceptionally well with other slower-burning varieties, creating a balanced and long-lasting fire.

In conclusion, birch is a hardwood that seamlessly combines functionality, aesthetics, and a pleasant olfactory experience. Whether you're aiming for a quick burst of heat or want your fires to be visually appealing, birch stands out as a versatile and reliable choice for a satisfying and enjoyable burning experience.