How to Put the Ash From Your Kiln Dry Logs to Good Use

22nd Jan 2021

How to Put the Ash From Your Kiln Dry Logs to Good Use

What should you do with the ash from kiln dry logs?

As anyone who has a wood burner or an open fire at home knows, kiln dry logs (or kiln dried logs) will leave behind some ash. Even the most efficient firewood will still leave some traces behind.

But what should you do with it?

Instead of emptying it and just throwing it in the bin, we have some ideas for using the ash that is leftover from your kiln dry logs.

Kiln dry logs

Clean your wood burner with it

Something that not many people know is that the ash leftover in your wood burner can actually be used to clean the glass.

It doesn’t have cleaning properties per se, what it does do is act as a good abrasive.

Just dip a damp cloth into the ash and use it to clean the glass on your wood burner. It will work to remove any deposits and dirt leftover from your fires.

Use it in your garden

Another good method of putting your firewood ash to good use is to make it work for your garden. It is a natural source of potassium and can also help to take some acidity out of the soil.

You can add it directly to a compost heap as well. When it is mixed in it can be used as mulch amongst other things.

Be careful not to add too much as excess firewood ash can actually have a damaging impact on plants, flows and vegetables. But a little bit can really help your garden grow.

Keep it for the driveway

Firewood ash, with its potassium content, is great when used on icy roads during the winter.

It helps to melt snow and when put down on an icy driveway it’ll give the tires on your car something to grip onto. Keep some firewood ash in a bucket in your garage or even store some in the back of your car.

It is a really useful thing to have in case your vehicle gets stuck on an untreated road or driveway.

Make unique soap

A common thing to do is to make soap with kiln dry log firewood ash.

When mixed with water (rainwater is ideal) it creates lye which is used for soap making. There is a bit of work involved in doing this but it is a really good way to recycle your firewood. Being able to make your own soap is pretty cool as well.

If you are going to make soap with ashes, ensure you do it with the leftovers from hardwood instead of softwood.

Putting your kiln dry logs to good use

When your fire has died out and you are left with the ashes from kiln dry logs in the wood burner or open fire, put them to good use rather than chucking them away.

You’d be surprised just how many things you can actually do with the ashes from firewood.

Not only are these ideas good for the environment but the ashes have various practical benefits as well.