Super Regular Beech Crate

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Kiln Dried Beech

This 'Super' Regular crate sits inbetween our regular and large crates and is tightly packed full of premium kiln dried hardwood Beech. The neat stacking ensures the equivalent volume of approximately 2.5 builders bags of logs. If you use your log burner intensively during evenings and weekends, this is perfect and it will see you through the winter.

Key Features

  • The Hottest Burning Wood! – Burns hotter than Ash and Birch
  • Moisture Content: 18% or less – Certified by Woodsure
  • Crate Weight: 525kg
  • Log length: 23-25cm (fits 95% of stoves)
  • Log diametre: 6-15cm
  • Crate outer measurements:113x110x115
  • Free UK delivery

Beech Firewood

Density ****            Heat Output *****         Longevity ****

Denmark’s national tree, beech (fagus) is a slow grower but gets to huge heights once mature. At the ripe old age of 400 years, some beech trees can grow to over 125 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter! Beech is the leader in terms of heat output giving a sensational 3,000 kilowatt-hours per cubic meter. This is around 1,000 mj/kg more than the others listed on Logs Near Me.

Interesting Fact! Builder’s bags of logs look like great value, but they're a load of air and water.

Our kiln dried logs in nets are compactly packed, where as builder bags are loosely filled, which means there's a lot of space and air in the bag. Builder bags often contain seasoned logs that have a higher water content than kiln dried logs, thus increasing the weight of the bag but reducing the burn quality of the wood. Ultimately, you’ll end up paying for more water, less wood and have poorer quality logs to burn. 


On the day of your delivery your firewood will be brought to you via a tail-lift lorry and placed either kerbside or your driveway. Please read our shipping and returns page to make sure you understand the limitations and your responsibilities before you place your order.