Wood Burning Stoves - Real Efficiency

6th Jan 2021

Wood Burning Stoves - Real Efficiency

How efficient are wood burning stoves?

You may already have a wood burner at home or perhaps you are in the market for one.

If you are wondering how efficient they are then you have landed in the right place. We’re going to dive into wood burning stoves and their efficiency.

So, let’s get started with wood burning stoves vs open fires.

How efficient are wood burning stoves?

Wood burning stoves vs open fires

Wood burning stoves are more efficient than open fires.

The efficiency of an open fire is only around 15%. This is because an open fire will lose a lot of heat as it passes up through the chimney. The fire itself won’t reach as high a temperature as a wood burning stove will which further impact on its overall efficiency. The emissions with an open fire are also higher too - sometimes as much as 15x more CO2 and 50x more dust.

The efficiency of a wood burning stove is somewhere between 70 - 80% on average - for modern versions at least. They reach higher temperatures with better combustion and the emissions are lower as well.

Does the type of wood matter?

If you’re looking for log sales near me you will have come across a number of different types of firewood.

You shouldn’t use any wood that has been treated (painted or varnished for example) as it can emit harmful substances when burned. Wood that isn’t completely dry will impact on the efficiency of your wood burner as well.

It is best to use kiln dried logs for your wood burner. This is because they have a low moisture content so will burn evenly, cleanly and will last for a long time.

The ash and birch logs that we have at Logs Near Me, have a moisture content of less than 20% so they will keep your wood burning stove running efficiently.

What about the cost of running a wood burner?

This is something that is going to depend heavily on how you use your wood burner.

Do you fire it up everyday during the colder months or are you more of a weekend burner with cosy Saturday nights in with the fire going?

When having a search for log sales near me you’ll need to decide how many logs to buy. On average, people use 1.25 tonnes of wood a year but again this is depending on several factors including how big the room is that your wood burner is in.

We have a range of crates and nets which offer a large amount of kiln dried firewood. You get reality good value for money with a larger quantity of logs and it should see you through the winter.

Running your wood burner as efficiently as possible

Wood burners are more efficient than having an open fire however there are still things you can do to ensure it runs smoothly. This includes:

Doing these fairly simple things will ensure that your wood burner maintains its efficiency and heats your home during the colder months of the year.