Lockdown Inspiration - How to Paint your Log Burner

12th Jan 2021

Lockdown Inspiration - How to Paint your Log Burner

How to paint your log burner

Over time, your log burner may become discoloured or its shiny finish will start to fade away.

This is perfectly normal.

As your log burner generates a lot of heat, after a while it will start to have an impact on how it looks. Maintaining your log burner is important because it keeps it in top shape and ensures it is safe too.

If you are wondering about whether or not you can actually paint your log burner and bring it back to its former glory, we have all the information you need.

How to paint your log burner

Can you paint a log burner?


It is absolutely fine to paint your log burner and have it looking new again as long as you follow the right steps.

We’ll look at this in a minute but one of the most crucial parts of painting your log burner is using the right paint. You can’t just splash on any old paint. You need heat resistant paint which isn’t going to melt or come off as soon as you fire up your log burner again.

So, let’s look at the steps involved with painting your wood burning stove.

How to paint your log burner

You don’t need any specialist skills to paint your log burner but you need to ensure you follow the correct steps.

  1. Make sure your log burner is cold before you start
  2. Remove any peeling paint or treat rust with a wire brush
  3. Clean your stove with soapy water to remove dirt and debris
  4. Paint from the top to bottom (start at the flue and work your way down)
  5. One layer is usually enough as too thick a coat can result in peeling

If you are using heat resistant spray paint, it is best to practice on an old bit of cardboard or other material first. Make sure you read and follow the instructions provided and it is best to keep the spray an 30cm away from your log burner.

What not to do

If this is your first time painting your log burner, there are some things that you shouldn’t do.

Skip the preparation - this is vital. If you don’t prep your log burner correctly, you won’t get the finish you want. It isn’t a massive job but it is an important one. Make sure you treat any rust or peeling paint and also give your log burner a clean to remove any dirt that may impact on the finish.

Use ordinary paint - you need heat resistant paint for your log burner. Using ordinary paint will cause a lot of problems so make sure you get the right paint for the job.

Light your log burner right away - The instructions with the heat resistant paint that you use will tell you when it is safe to use your log burner again. This is generally after a period of 24 hours. You should also keep the room well ventilated in that time. Some fumes might be emitted when you first use it again - this is the paint curing - so ensure you have windows open when you do this.

Once you have your log burner painted and looking like new again, it is time to find log suppliers near me and stock up on firewood.

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