How to Store Your Kiln Dried Logs

22nd Feb 2021

How to Store Your Kiln Dried Logs

What's the best way to store logs?

If you have just had some kiln dried logs delivered to you home, you are probably wondering what the best way is to store them.

Even if your logs have already had the majority of the moisture removed, it is still important that you store them correctly. Failing to do so can result in them getting excessively wet and this will greatly impact on how they burn.

So, if you are wondering how you can store your logs properly all year round, we have some ideas for you.

How to store logs

3 ways to store your kiln dried logs

Use a log store

This is perhaps the most common method of storing a large number of logs at home.

A log store is a structure that has three slatted sides as well as a slatted floor which keeps them off the ground. It is open at the front and covered at the top. This ensures that air can continue to get at the logs but it also means that they will be protected from the rain.

The fact that the front is open too means that it is easy to access your logs as well.

If you happen to love a bit of DIY, you can even build one of these yourself and it is fairly straightforward to do.

Keep them in the crate

When you order a large quantity of UK logs - like our selection of ash and birch crates - you don’t even need to move them if you don’t want to.

Our logs come already stacked and the crate can easily be used as a log store. It is shrink wrapped and there is also a plastic cover to ensure that they stay dry from rain and moisture.

You can further protect them by adding your own covering if you are keeping them outside or store them in your garage if you have space. Although make sure your garage has adequate airflow.

Either way, our crates provide a no-nonsense and easy way to store your logs safely and securely.

Create storage in your home

You might not be able to store all your kiln dried UK logs in your home but you can use some of them to add decorative features.

This is also great for accessibility as you won’t need to go outside to top up your wood burner.

There are a ton of innovative and aesthetic ways in which you can store logs indoors. From putting them in baskets to filling alcoves, you’ll find somewhere to keep them and have them ready for use.

Store your logs properly throughout the year

Rather than just throwing your logs into the corner of the garage or keeping them in a bag in the garden, take some extra steps and store them properly.

Ensure that they are kept dry, have adequate airflow and also are easily accessible.

By following our simple tips for storing your UK logs, you can enjoy great firewood that burns smoothly and for a long time as well.