​How to make your wood burning logs last longer

9th Sep 2020

​How to make your wood burning logs last longer

Having a wood burning stove crackling away on a cold night or sitting out on a summer evening with a chiminea roaring creates a great atmosphere.

However, if your fire keeps going out or doesn’t last very long it can be an arduous task of continually topping it up. It can feel like a losing battle if you can’t keep your fire going.

We’ve had a look at some tips for burning firewood at home before in this blog but how do you get your wood burning logs to last?

Have a look at our 4 tips for creating long lasting fires.

How to make your wood burning logs last longer

How to make your wood burning logs last longer

#1 Choose the right logs

Before we even get into how you should make your fire - different logs will have better longevity than others.

If you have been searching for wood burning logs near me you’ll have come across a wide variety of wood that can be used at home. If you want your fire to last then we’d recommend using ash wood burning logs because they can burn for up to 5 or 6 hours and also don’t produce much smoke.

#2 Increase oxygen and then decrease

You’ll need to keep the air vents in your wood burner open when getting your fire started so that it actually lights properly.

If you are finding that your fire is going out quickly and your logs are burning fast then decrease the oxygen getting into the fire by closing the air vents. Don’t close them over completely or you’ll smother it but adjusting them throughout the life of the fire will help it burn for longer.

#3 Don’t put your logs on right away

A common mistake when lighting a life in a wood burner is to just chuck everything in at the one time, light a match, close the door and watch it burn.

It will light with this method but it will probably burn through and extinguish pretty quickly.

What you need to do instead is create your base with kindling, newspaper and firelighters to get the wood burner up to a high temperature and then put your wood burning logs in. Ensure you put in two or three logs instead of one and they should last for hours.

#4 Stoke it if you need

If your fire is dying out but hasn’t burned evenly you can stoke it with a fire poker to get some flames going again so the unburnt wood catches.

Make sure you do this gently though so there are no flames or sparks flying out of the wood burner.

This can be a really easy way to help your fire last a bit longer by catching bits of wood that haven’t been burnt yet as your fire is dying out.

Create long lasting fires with the right logs

These tips will help you to keep your wood burner roaring away for hours.

The two most important things to remember are:

  1. Having a steady flow of air getting into the fire to keep it going
  2. Using the right kind of logs for longevity

Searching for wood burning logs for sale near me will yield a ton of results of different types of wood.

Once you get to know what firewood burns the longest and how to maintain a fire once it is lit, you can sit back and enjoy the warmth without continually trying to keep it going.