1m3 Bulk Bag - Kiln dried Hardwood mix Firewood logs non-standard


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Out of Stock

Key Features

  • A Bulk bag can contain different types of hardwood of the first heat class: ash, birch or oak .
  • The shape of the firewood is non-standard (see product image).
  • Moisture Content: <18%
  • Bag Weight: 350kg
  • Log length: 20-30cm 
  • Log diameter: 6-19cm
  • Ideal for ovens, fireplaces, campfires and cooking (BBQ, pizza, etc.)
  • Free UK delivery

Ash Firewood

Ash firewood is one of the best types of firewood you can burn. It has a high heat output, produces minimal smoke, good quality coals and has a nice subtle mild aroma. Ash burns for 5-6 hours and produces good coals, perfect for you to easily re-start a fire or adding more wood to the embers already burning. If you’re using the firewood in a log burner of fireplace within your own home, it's important to consider maintaining your chimney and preventing the build up of black tar, otherwise known as creosote. Ash has low sap levels and produces less creosote than a lot of other woods. In summary, Ash is a top pick if you regularly use your fire and want a long sustained quality burn.

Birch Firewood

Birch, like ash, is another hardwood and a good firewood to burn particularly if you want fast heat. Birch bark makes great fire starter because of its similarity to paper and has a unique slightly sweet smell which most people find pleasant. Birch is perfect if your logs will be on display due to its silvery flaky bark. We recommend Birch if you're having occasional fires and want fast high heat. They're excellent when burnt with other slower burning logs.



On the day of your delivery your firewood will be brought to you via a tail-lift lorry and placed either kerbside or your driveway. Please read our shipping and returns page to make sure you understand the limitations and your responsibilities before you place your order.